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The Pros & Cons of DIY Music Marketing

When deciding on your approach for PR and Marketing for your music, you should take some time to evaluate your individual goals, budget and willingness to invest time and effort to decide which approach fits you, your vision and objectives. Over the next few weeks I'll be looking at the different options available to you and try to help you choose the best for you.

Firstly, one obvious option for musicians is obviously the DIY approach. So lets discuss some pros and cons of doing it yourself:

Pros of DIY Approach for Marketing Music:

  • Cost-Effective: DIY marketing is usually more budget-friendly, especially for independent or emerging bands with limited financial resources.

  • Control: With a DIY approach, you can retain full control over your marketing strategy, messaging, and creative direction.

  • Authenticity: DIY marketing can often feel more genuine and authentic to fans, as it reflects the band's unique personality and vision.

  • Learning Experience: Handling marketing on your own allows you to learn valuable skills and gain insights into the music industry and promotional techniques.

  • Long-term Knowledge: The knowledge and experience gained from a DIY approach can be beneficial for future releases, giving you more independence and autonomy in your career.

Cons of DIY Approach for Marketing Music:

  • Time-Consuming: Marketing a single or album requires significant time and effort, which might distract you from focusing on your music.

  • Limited Resources: DIY efforts might lack the same reach and media connections that a PR company can offer, potentially leading to less exposure.

  • Expertise Gap: Without a professional PR background, you might struggle to craft effective press releases, pitches, and promotional material.

  • Missed Opportunities: A DIY approach could result in missed opportunities to get featured in high-profile media outlets or reach a wider audience.

  • Overwhelming: For some bands, managing all aspects of marketing can become overwhelming and may not yield the desired results.

Having done the DIY approach previously with my bands, I know how much effort is required to go into it, but you can definitely learn a lot. Let me know about your DIY experiences and if you’re willing to share any experiences for other bands to learn from!

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