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Why Email Lists are Useful for Bands

Let’s talk about Mailing Lists. Obviously not the most exciting topic in the world but they can be a really effective tool for bands to market your music, merch and tours.

Why Email Lists are Useful for Bands

Direct Communication

Email lists offer a direct line of communication with your fans, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients without being affected by algorithms or newsfeed algorithms. Unlike social media posts that may get buried in the sea of content, emails go straight to your subscribers' inboxes, increasing the likelihood of engagement and interaction. This direct connection allows you to share updates, news, and announcements instantly, giving a more personal relationship with your fanbase.

Higher Engagement

When someone subscribes to your email list, it indicates a higher level of interest and engagement compared to casual social media followers. Email subscribers have voluntarily chosen to receive updates from your band, which means they are genuinely interested in your music and activities. As a result, your email campaigns tend to have higher open rates and click-through rates. This engaged audience is more likely to take action on your emails, whether it's visiting your website, streaming your music, purchasing merchandise, or attending your shows.

Effective Sales Channel

An email list serves as a powerful sales channel for promoting and selling merchandise, music releases, and concert tickets. By directly reaching out to your most dedicated fans, you can showcase new merchandise lines, offer exclusive discounts, or provide early access to gig tickets, increasing the chances of driving sales and generating revenue. Additionally, you can use email marketing to build anticipation for new album releases, music videos, or upcoming tours.

How You Can Build Your Mailing List

Spotify Presaves

It’s something everyone does these days when promoting new music and when a fan participates in a Spotify Pre-Save campaign through a third-party platform, they may be presented with an option to opt-in or subscribe to the band's email list. This is typically done through a checkbox or an explicit request during the campaign sign-up process. By opting in, the fan agrees to receive emails from the band or artist.

Social Media Integration

Integrate email sign-up forms with your band's social media profiles, directing followers to your website for email subscription.

Signup Form

Include a prominent newsletter sign-up form on your website or link-in-bio. Place it in a visible location and keep the form simple, asking for the subscriber's name and email address. You could offer an incentive like a free song download, exclusive content, or a discount on merchandise to encourage sign-ups.

Gig Signups

People love stickers, especially free stickers. So in exchange for a sticker ask for the persons email address. You can go old school and have a written signup form, or to make life quicker and easier use a QR code generator and get them to scan it on their phone. You can then import this directly without having to type it up. At the end of the night you can then categorise the email addresses for the location you’ve played and use the location filter to contact people the next time you’re at that venue.

Mailing List Software

You can then import your contacts into your mailing list software and use this to schedule your emails. There are some great options out there which include some free plans.

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