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Mixing & Mastering



When we have our discovery call we will discuss any editing requirements that you might have. Whether that’s editing drums, midi mapping, tuning / aligning vocals or whatever your project needs, I always take the time to make sure that everything is done to the highest standard and suits the vision you have for the project. 


I have a simple but specific set of requirements for file delivery that can be viewed online here

The Mix

This is where the magic happens. I absolutely love mixing projects and hearing the song develop from the picture I have in my head into your finish mix.


I take time over my mixes, I prefer to spread it across a couple of days to keep my ears fresh but will always work to any deadlines that you have communicated with me. My aim is to deliver an absolutely killer mix that will give you that “Wow!” factor. 



Revisions are a really important part of the process where you can make sure all of the finer details of the mix match your vision for the song.


When I deliver your mixes, I email with a link to the song and a revisions document for you to timestamp and list any revisions you have with any comments. If required, I am able to conduct revisions via zoom for you to listen to any adjustments in real time. 


Once you’ve signed off on your final mix you’ll get a link to your final file downloads including any additional options you require such as instrumental mixes, a ccapella etc. If you require any backing stems or multitracks I will also provide these.


I always support the bands and artists I work with, not only with social media posts but also providing additional resources such as release plans, playlists and industry contacts to help grow your career. 

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