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Submitting project files is a pretty straightforward process but please refer to the below details before sending them across to me. Below details the formatting required to send your stems across however if you have recorded your project in Logic Pro X you can send me the project file. Please still read through the below as well as watching the video at the bottom of this page before sending any files across. 


Please send zipped files via wetransfer to 

  • All tracks must be bounced as .wav or .aiff files and begin from the same starting point in the project.

  • Tracks need to all be numbered starting at 01 upwards and ordered as follows.


  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Guitars

  • Programming / Additional Instrumentation

  • Main Vocals

  • Backing Vocals

  • All tracks should be named clearly and correctly to the corresponding track. For example please use "Rhythm Guitar Left" rather than "Andy Guitar" or "Lead Vocal Verse" rather than "James Verse". When labelling drum overheads and room mics, please label them "hi-hat side" and "ride side" rather than left and right. This eliminates any panning confusion. For example "OH Hats" and "OH Ride". 

  • Ensure mono files are exported as mono and stereo files are exported as stereo. If you're not sure please ask me.

  • Remove any plugin processing and automation when exporting unless it's specific to the part. E.g you may have a vocal part that with reverb on to make it sound like a distant room, or you may have put some EQ or effects on a synth part to get a specific sound you like. In these cases I would ask you export with this on as they are specific artistic choices you have made. If you're unsure just ask or export a wet and dry version.

  • Unless otherwise discussed, all tracks should be sent pre-edited and ready for mixing. This includes drum editing, vocal tuning & alignment etc. I will assume that everything you send has already been prepared ready for mixing. If you need me to help and edit any of your tracks (drums, vocals, guitars etc) please contact me and I will confirm my rate for doing this. 

  • Let me know the song BPM and Key (if know). If there are tempo changes please include a MIDI tempo track. A simple way to do this is create a blank MIDI instrument at the top your project, draw a single MIDI note at the very start of the project and a single note at the very end of the project (after all the audio has stopped playing) and export this MIDI file (export as MIDI not audio) with the rest of the stems. 

  • Not all MIDI drum libraries are made equal! When exporting a MIDI drum track please also include a bounce of the drum audio for reference.

  • Please include a rough bounce of your song (labelled Artist Name - Track Name Rough Mix).

  • When emailing, include some song references of similar artists as well as any specific notes. 

Once you have read and understood the above, please complete my (very short) contact information form:

Contact & Artist Information Online Form


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