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Hi, I’m Joe.


I work with rock and alternative bands and artists to create killer sounding productions and mixes. 


Music is a huge part of my life. If you’re here then chances are it’s probably a significant part of yours as well. My journey in music has been an adventure. From a toddler listening to my parents Billy Joel records, to a teenager recording band rehearsals onto cassette tapes.


In my 20’s I was touring the UK in a band, trying to make it as a musician. Today, I’m a professional Mixer and Music Producer based in South West England. I even got a degree along the way from Bristol University of the West of England in Music Systems Engineering.

My journey and experiences in music helps me to truly connect with you as an artist. I understand the trust you place in someone when it comes to your music. You're looking for a collaborator who can take your vision and turn it into a finished masterpiece. I'm here to work closely with you wherever you are in the world, understanding your musical preferences, influences, and aspirations to ensure they shine through in the final mix.


Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or using the contact form below!

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I can work with you from the initial demo stage, giving feedback and helping build your songs production. For recording projects I work out of Orchard Recording Studios near Glastonbury in South West England. 


I'll take your recorded multitracks and create an incredible sounding, polished & modern rock mix. I work with bands and artists from all over the world on songs that have been recorded in everything from multi-million pound studios to spare bedrooms. 


Are you looking to improve your mixing skills? I work with students 1 on 1 to give feedback on their mixes and provide mixing lessons in Logic Pro X via the internet. 

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