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Recording & Production



The first step in the process is to ask you about your influences and vision for your music before you send me your demos across so I can offer my feedback. I can provide you with a screen recording of myself analysing your song and giving any feedback or possible suggestions for the songs.


From here we can schedule a discovery call to talk through everything in person prior to entering the studio together to make sure you're as prepared as possible for the session. 


When recording bands, I work out of a wonderful studio called Orchard Recording Studios which is located near Glastonbury in the idyllic Somerset countryside.  


The studio has a range of incredible microphones, outboard gear, drums, guitars and amps all available to use during the session. I like to keep the sessions fun and relaxed, offering the opportunity for you to be creative and have a great time in the studio. 


Remote Production

I work with bands and artists from all over the world and so collaborating with you remotely is not an issue. Once we've discussed the vision for your project I can provide feedback and ideas for songwriting as well as helping put together any sound design or post production elements that will really help to elevate your song.

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