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Your Needs

Do you want to improve your mixes? Are you looking for someone to give you some feedback on a project you're working on?


I've worked with many people to improve their techniques and skills for mixing modern rock music. Get in touch to let me know your specific needs and we can schedule a call based around your unique requirements. 

1 to 1 Online Tuition

Once we've established what you're looking to get out of our session, you can book single or blocks of 1 hour session with me online to go through whatever you need.


This can easily be set up via zoom and audiomovers software to stream lossless audio in real time. This kind of 1 to 1 session can really help accelerate your learning and skills in a way that simply watching online tutorials cannot.


Mix Feedback

Have a mix that you're working on that you just can't get your head around why it's not working? Looking for an extra set of ears on your mix to identify and areas of improvements or problem spots? Just get in touch and I can record a video of myself analysing your track in Logic and give you some constructive feedback to help feel confident in your mixing moving forwards. 

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